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Elon Musk VS Henry Ford

Przez Jordan C. Miller

  • Data wydania: 2016-01-22
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One Little Book Two Big Heroes

Elon Musk and Henry ford are two men who literally did what the world said was impossible.

These two men completely changed the course of history in many ways.

This is your biographical comparison between Elon Musk “the real life Tony Stark” and Henry Ford the man that commercialized the automobile. We will compare and contrast the principles, philosophies, upbringings,
legacies, accomplishments and more!

We have heard many say that Elon is the modern day Ford… why?
Ford commercialized the automobile, and you may not know this, but Ford originally intended to make the automobile electric and/or flex fuel. Due to controversy with big oil companies, Ford was forced, in a way, to make his Model T run on Petrol. Why is this significant?
-Elon Musk commercialized the electric automobile centuries later doing what Ford had originally set out to do.

Guess what?! Ford worked with NASA on many projects, Ford was a world leader, because he changed the economy. I may be quoting Napoleon Bonaparte by saying this, but Ford never lived by circumstance, he made them, actually he manufactured them. Guess what else?! Elon worked with NASA too, however he took it further, starting his own commercial space exploration company “Space X” if you think about it, Elon really is the modern day Ford. He just commercialized space travel which is like the equivalent of car travel in the early 1900s. Elon also developed circumstances, for starters, he may be the reason we are able to recolonize on Mars.

These men are different in some ways as well. For instance, Ford was married to his ideas and it was tough for him at first to change and evolve with the market. Elon, on the other hand, welcomes changes and stays ahead of the market. While Elon and Henry are both very much entrepreneurs, Elon is more of an engineer while Henry was more of an innovator. What I mean by this, is that Henry had the innovators mindset he wanted to see his ideas come to life so that he could change the world as we know it. Elon simply grew up around engineers, he read books on how cars work and rocketry, found out how they worked and set out to build them better.

Without Ford and Musk most people would not have cars and we would probably be living in a dramatically slower society and going to Mars would still be a joke.

I can’t tell you anymore so open the book and take a read.

"Some people don't like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster". -Elon Musk