The Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet - Emily Simmons

The Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet

Przez Emily Simmons

  • Data wydania: 2018-10-27
  • Gatunek: Food & Drink


This book is designed for people who want to improve weight management and prefer healthy lifestyle.

In Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet cookbook you will find:
Chapter 1:  A few facts about Ketogenic Mediterranean DietChapter 2: Healthy Ketogenic Mediterranean breakfast recipesChapter 3: Tasty Ketogenic Mediterranean lunch recipesChapter 4:Hearty Ketogenic Mediterranean dinner recipesChapter 5: Easy Ketogenic Mediterranean snack recipes
Three major advantages of this book:
 This cook book offers you a wide range of healthy recipes containing organic and nutritious food for everyone.Offered meals are easy to prepare! There are no complicated meals which may require travel around the world to find necessary ingredients. All ingredients can be found in the nearest supermarket.This Diet cookbook will not make you sacrifice and deprive yourself of any food you like. In this book you can always find a recipe containing ingredients you like the most.
Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet is an easy way to start your weight loss today!