They Are What You Feed Them - Dr Alex Richardson

They Are What You Feed Them

Przez Dr Alex Richardson

  • Data wydania: 2011-02-17
  • Gatunek: Parenting


Dr Alex Richardson, one of the UK's leading authority on how nutrition affects behaviour and learning, exposes the truth behind the foods we are feeding our children and offers simple, practical solutions all parents can use. An empowering book that will transform the lives of children and help them reach their full potential.

Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University and former school teacher, Dr Alex Richardson is one of the UK's leading expert on how what we do and do not feed our children impacts their learning, concentration, co-ordination and behaviour.

Empowering and extremely practical, this book sorts out food fact from food myth and shows parents how to bring the best choices into their children's everyday diets. Includes simple meal plans and recipes as well as practical guidance on other lifestyle factors, such as time spent in front of TV and computer screens.

A highly influential book that offers concerned parents concrete information and real solutions.


‘Her book offers welcome hope to parents who may be at their wits’ end … illuminating.’ TES, June 2006

‘Jamie Oliver visited [Alex's department] while preparing his series on school dinners. It was the hard-slog science of the physiology department that gave credibility to the link between children's diet and their behaviour that Oliver made so powerfully in his TV programmes.’ Guardian (May 05)

‘Food affects behaviour. If you paid attention to diet, you could really make a difference.’ Guardian (May 05)

‘It's imperative that while upping your intake of omega-3, you cut out the junk.’ Alex quoted in Independent March 2005

About the author

Dr. Richardson is based at Mansfield College, Oxford, where she has spearheaded numerous high-profile groundbreaking studies into the role of nutrition on the brain. She is a former teacher with first-hand experience of managing children with behaviour / learning difficulties, and director of charity Food and Behaviour Research (to receive all royalties). Dr. Richardson also specialises in ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and has excellent links with the British Dyslexia Association, Foods Standards Agency, Hyperactive Children's Support Group, Allergy-Induced-Autism.