Train Your Brain - Build a Framework for Clear Thinking - William Dodd

Train Your Brain - Build a Framework for Clear Thinking

Przez William Dodd

  • Data wydania: 2012-03-23
  • Gatunek: Self Help


TRAIN YOUR BRAIN has been created to help the reader build a mental framework for clear thinking*. The basic anatomy of the brain is presented as a three level structure, each level with its own memories, skills, and knowledge. Strategies are summarized for learning, for managing memories, and for problem solving. The scientific method is presented as a prime example of clear thinking. Models of memory and conscious thought are developed and then utilized in a variety of practical applications. The importance of a consistent and integrated philosophy of life is emphasized. With daily practice you can build your skills in clear thinking, and become a more productive and happier person. *Clear Thinking consists of three systematic activities: 1. Gathering the best information available. 2. Applying the best strategies for analyzing that information. 3. Using the most powerful part of your brain to solve problems and make decisions.