Ten Secrets to a Balanced Successful & Happy Life - Chandru Gidwani

Ten Secrets to a Balanced Successful & Happy Life

Przez Chandru Gidwani

  • Data wydania: 2013-06-09
  • Gatunek: Psychology


Life is full of tension and anxiety, rushed at all times, leaving little or no room for relaxation. And yet, one does come across innumerable individuals who have made it up the ladder in life, both in terms of success and happiness, health as well as wealth. This indeed is a question that needs to be pondered over and answered by every individual. This book, obviously, is the fruit of the author's own effort at making life work to his advantage and satisfaction, fruit that is all the more sweet given the fact that he attempts to share with the reader insights gained from other writers and great men and women. The book outlines various possibilities as regards seeking and fi nding fulfi llment in life. Each of the 'ten secrets', incidentally, pertains to ten different aspects of life that call for close scrutiny, whereby alone can one fi nd what one searches for. Inculcating a basic character, a positive mental attitude, selfmanagement, and the power of the sub-conscious are but some of the topics that this book tackles, enabling the reader to unlock that area of life that needs to be opened and aired, with a view to reaping maximum benefi t. Yes, it worked for the author - it will assuredly do the same for you.