Rapid Start Workout - Arnel Ricafranca & Jesse Vince-Cruz

Rapid Start Workout

Przez Arnel Ricafranca & Jesse Vince-Cruz

  • Data wydania: 2015-02-09
  • Gatunek: Health & Fitness


About The Rapid Start Workout Program 
The Rapid Start Workouts was specifically designed to ramp someone up to be able to do any workout program that they choose. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked out in years or a seasoned fitness veteran. We all need start “ramp up” to prime those muscles, get familiar with the workout programming and fundamental movements, and get back into the groove. 
Timing Of The Workouts
There are 8 workouts below starting from an easier workout and slowly getting harder as you finish all 8. Each workout is under 30 minutes and is to be completed in order within 2-3 days apart. For example, Monday complete Rapid Start 1, Wednesday complete Rapid Start 2. Friday complete Rapid Start 3 until all 8 are finished. 
Standard Or Scaled 
Each workout has 2 versions, a standard version and a scaled version. The scaled version of the workout is easier and the standard workout is harder. We did this to provide a ramp up experience for various fitness levels. It’s ok to switch back and forth, just do your best at each and every workout. If you choose the scaled variation, we highly recommend repeating this as your next step but as standard.