Perspective: Clarity On What God Thinks About Money - Robb Thompson

Perspective: Clarity On What God Thinks About Money

Przez Robb Thompson

  • Data wydania: 2011-02-08
  • Gatunek: Self Help


A close examination of God’s Word reveals that the children of God are not called to be poor beggars; they are called to be faithful stewards of God’s blessings. Your perspective of God and money will determine whether you believe God desires to bless His people or to keep them in need, always seeking the next miracle.

Prosperity is not some term made up by man. God originated prosperity, and this book is intended to shed light on this seemingly misinterpreted and often abused subject.

In this dynamic new book, Dr. Robb Thompson challenges your perspective of God and money, while at the same time sharing with you key insights such as:
• How success begins with an accurate perception of God
• Why stewardship is the foundation for financial success
• God’s plan for eliminating the spirit of debt
• How this world's system will fail you, time and time again
• Understanding the role your mind plays in your future success
• 24 keys to living the life God promises you