The Wealth of the People: Your Wealth - Fernando Urias

The Wealth of the People: Your Wealth

Przez Fernando Urias

  • Data wydania: 2011-06-01
  • Gatunek: Economics


The Wealth of the People Book Series

The task of explaining the causes of the wealth of the people is going to be too long and complex for a single e-book. To facilitate the explanation and the delivery of the material, an e-book will be published in each logic set of topics. The following are the planned titles of the book series:

Your Wealth
The first book looks at the time savings gained by a single person increasing his physical and mind assets in a desert island.

The Wealth of Your Neighbor
The second book is about the agreements that two people have to make to be in a path of increasing their respective wealth.

The Wealth of the Market
The third book explains the possibilities offered by a free market to produce wealth for its people. This book explains the wealth production results when the competitive advantage of every single individual is brought to a free market.

The Wealth of the Business Enterprise
The fourth book is about the function of the business enterprise to produce wealth for the people that are its customers.

The Wealth of the State
The fifth book discusses what happens when we remove the assumption that everybody is going to behave correctly. The book explores the historical formation of the state and the implications for the production of wealth.

The Wealth of Social Capital
The sixth book is the core of the series. Social Capital is defined in this book as the ability of a society to learn and agree on the rules that are necessary for the production of wealth. This is the key for the wealth of the people in society. This is the ingredient that is a prerequisite for physical and human capital formation and is the ingredient missing in many countries that are not able to achieve wealth.

The Wealth of Physical Capital
The seventh book is about the wealth of the physical capital that humanity has today. It should make you grateful that you live in this age and not five hundred or five thousand years ago.

The Wealth of Human Capital
The eighth book is about the wealth of the human capital that humanity has today. A great deal of the human capital is taken for granted. This is a review of what we have today.

The Wealth of a Nation
The ninth book takes us to Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. A nation is an entity that comprises a geographical area with a legal setting. It is governed by a state that is the keeper of the social contract. The state maintains the rules of a nation’s Social Capital and thus determines the capital structure of the nation and its citizens.

The Wealth of the Planet Earth
The tenth book is about our planet. It introduces the concept of Natural Capital. What we think of natural resources is actually the capitalization of life that has been happening for millions of years. Unfortunately, many of the actions that we do in the pursuit of wealth production reduce the planet’s natural capital. If the planet was treated as a capital asset, it would be maintained and it would not be consumed risking a drop of the whole world to a lower income level.

The Wealth of the Human Spirit
The eleventh book will be an inquiry about what of all these economic principles might mean in the spiritual world.