What God Thinks About Money - Robb Thompson

What God Thinks About Money

Przez Robb Thompson

  • Data wydania: 2012-05-01
  • Gatunek: Christianity


Perspective determines so much in life. The subject of prosperity has been a controversial message over the years, but also a very misunderstood message. Dr. Thompson takes a closer look at what God’s Word really has to say about prosperity. How does God define it? Is it wrong? Who can have it? Is it wrong to desire it? Those and many more questions are answered in this dynamic book.
In this revealing new book, Dr. Robb Thompson brings many truths to light, including 24 indispensable keys to living a debt-free life and: How success begins with an accurate perspective of God. Why the world’s system of borrowing and lending will never produce financial freedom. Inaccurate doctrines that may influence your perception of God. God’s scriptural plan for rapidly eliminating debt. Why stewardship is the foundation for financial success.