Brazilian Cookbook: Classic Brazilian Recipes - James Newton

Brazilian Cookbook: Classic Brazilian Recipes

Przez James Newton

  • Data wydania: 2012-04-05
  • Gatunek: Regional & Ethnic


Classic Brazilian Recipes has a good selection of the most loved dishes from Brazil. A mixture of Portuguese, African and South American flavours to dance on your taste buds.

Truly irresistible cuisine from the calypso region of the Americas:
Empadinhas de Palmito - Brazilian Empanadas with Hearts of Palm
Coxinha - Brazilian Chicken
CroquettesBrazilian Risoles - Chicken and Cheese Croquettes
Frango ao Vinho
Feijoada - Brazilian Black Beans with Smoked Meats
Cuscuz Paulista with Shrimp and Sardines
Bahian Shrimp in Coconut Cashew Sauce – Vatapá
Brazilian Fish Stew - Moqueca de Peixe
Brazilian Shrimp and Okra Gumbo - Caruru de Camarão