Heaven's Design - Robb Thompson

Heaven's Design

Przez Robb Thompson

  • Data wydania: 2014-01-09
  • Gatunek: Christianity


Has it been a while since you and your spouse laughed together? Do you feel like you are growing apart? Do you feel like your relationship is spiraling into the abyss of marital disharmony? Would you like to know how to increase your love for each other? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you.
Whether you are considering marriage, are newly married, or are looking to breathe life into a marriage of many years, Robb Thompson reveals valuable principles from "The Owner's Manual for Marriage" - the Word of God, that can make your marriage strong and lasting.
Every couple desires a marriage that will last; but in this culture, where the temptation towards marital infidelity is almost overwhelming, it is rare to find couples who are unwilling to buckle under the pressure. This is no ordinary book on marriage. The insights so clearly articulated here uncover the exquisite design God has for your marriage - the way God intended it to be. In a market full of "how-to" books on this subject, Heaven's Design stands out as a celebration of the marvelous God-ordained union between husband and wife!