Wife's Role - Robb Thompson

Wife's Role

Przez Robb Thompson

  • Data wydania: 2014-01-09
  • Gatunek: Christianity


Do you long for a closer relationship with your husband? Have you tried to get him to change, but continually hit that wall of frustration?
With his distinctive, pragmatic style, Robb Thompson uncovers practical, scriptural insights that help you learn about your husband's needs and how to meet them.
The Wife's Role is a deep well of Biblical wisdom for every woman who wants to be her husband's most valuable asset. By understanding your husband's unique characteristics, how he thinks, and what matters most to him, you learn how to affirm him and develop a more satisfying marriage.
If you long to have a deeper, more intimate connection with the man God brought into your life, this book is for you. In a warm, personal, and refreshingly honest way, Robb will help you acquire all the tools you need to build your marriage on the firm, unchanging foundation of God's Word!