Calypso Romance - Lucy Watson

Calypso Romance

Przez Lucy Watson

  • Data wydania: 2014-04-29
  • Gatunek: Erotica


The call came in early and the caller was direct and precise. He gave her all the instructions on where her husband and his mistress were.
Lala Rosa was very angry. Although she wanted to know the full details, that call had changed her mood. From where she was sitting, you could see her face red from the anger that was burning inside of her.
“Stupid man, I can’t believe how low he can go. A respectable man of his status with a hardcore bar dancer.”
“No madam. A singer” the servant corrected in an effort to upgrade the girl in order to make Lala feel better.
“Whatever, but she’s still cheap and I can’t believe Raj will stoop that low and for what? Love making?”